First day of school

Be sure to count them. Help students prepare their own nametags. You'll want it to reflect your personality, your educational philosophy, and your goals for your students. Each class takes a turn planning and preparing the Friday Mass, prayer services such as Blessing of the Pets and the Crowning of Mary, and observances of the Liturgical Calendar such as Stations of the Cross during Lent.

Prepare materials for students to take home the first day. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to jot down your thoughts and impressions about the day's events. Each student has a page about themself with a picture that they make themselves.

I take a large piece of poster board, and mark out lines that can be cut into pieces.


Use folders as a portfolio to send home at the end of the year. Each group has a travel size tube of toothpaste. How did you handle it. When it comes to planning ahead, of course, the secret to success is in the details.

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I include pictures of important staff and faculty, important parts of the school gym, media center, computer lab, etcand extra copies of the student information from the beginning of the year. Sure the principal took you on a quick tour, but how much did you absorb, or remember.

Desks and activity centers can be arranged in a number of ways, depending on your individual teaching style.

Wadsworth Elementary School News

Article by Linda Starr. Any other student in the classroom finds a way to connect, and raises their hand.

The First Days of Middle School MiddleWeb provides an extensive list of links to resources for all middle school teachers. He ends up getting lost, and meets three frogs. You aced all your education courses, know the subject matter backward and forward, can rattle off the names and philosophies of dozens of educational theorists, and achieved a pretty respectable score on the state certification exam.

Don't just prepare, over prepare. On the first day of kindergarten we read the clues which take us around the school, into the office, the library, restrooms, playground, etc. They're the best friends a new teacher can have.

As the children come in they find the letters to spell their names and glue them together. Tape the puzzle together after school, and post it on the wall in the classroom. Look over your first day's lesson plans and obtain all necessary materials.

Sixteen Getting to Know You Activities.

First Day of School

Jot it down immediately in your date book. Be sure to cut between the words like a puzzle. Before school begins I hide the goodie somewhere on campus and write out clue cards. Even the first full week of school, we go slow—introducing each text book one at a time.

Mail the letters a week or two before school starts. I then ask them to write back to me and fill me in on them. Read it twice already at school. Save some for Parents' Night and for student-of-the-week bulletin boards.

As we read the clues we look for the goodie in all the places.

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The students job is to place the sentence in order. Distribute a small piece of paper to each student for them to write at least one thing they think they cannot do academically. You'll find some of the most common room arrangements, along with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of each, at Creating an Effective Physical Classroom EnvironmentTeachers Helping Teachers:.

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Log-on to to purchase your book and for all your yearbook needs! School's First Day of School is the story of the first day of a brand new school told from the personified point of view of the building known as Frederick Douglass Elementary.

Everyone, including the building, is a little nervous about opening day, and that anxiety is expressed in different ways, some positive and some not so positive/5.

First day of school
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